but why?

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I spent the day with my 4 year old nephew today. As with all four year olds his favourite question is why? It’s quite challenging, you have to think about things you have taken for granted or simply assumed. It is a question that needs to be answered, and with this blog I need to ask and answer it too …

I am a list girl. I write lists about everything, big, small, in between. I have so many notepads lying around the house, it drives my husband insane. Trouble is most of the lists, only ever get half done.

I also write. I have written journals or diaries, for as long as I can remember, and have written poems for a number of years now.

I was thinking, what if I actually tried to accomplish some things on my many lists? What if I had someone I was accountable to and had to report back to? What if I made myself write on a regular basis? What if the two things combined?

So this is my experiment to make myself write, and get some stuff done … it’s a start.

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  1. What would it look like if you challenged yourself to post a monthly list … and then used your blog as an accountability partner?

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