everyday inspiration

I recently watched Julie and Julia and was inspired … I sure that is pretty cliché now, and a lot of people have started blogs based on Julie Powell’s idea. However, that doesn’t change the fact that it inspired me.


I love cooking, and I read cookbooks and cooking magazines to relax, but after watching Julie and Julia I felt I should actually try to push myself in this area of my life.

So my mini challenge was to make at least two new dishes each month – one from each of my magazine subscriptions.  Already I have not met my target, (yep only halfway there) but the good news is I have tackled a new recipe and challenged myself.

But the character of Julie Powell didn’t just inspire me with my cooking, but with her zest to tackle life and take the disasters with the successes. To not just let life happen to you, but actually engage, and for me in my little corner of domesticity, maybe today that is just tackling a new recipe, but tomorrow who knows what it might be.