feeling listless

I think I’m a flexible structuralist. I love lists, and the sense of structure and purpose it gives to my day. However I need to have the freedom to go ‘off list’ if need be.

It’s a rainy weekend and so (of course) I sat down and wrote another list. The list consisted of a bunch of stuff we need to do this weekend. However, I have been feeling a bit low today and so this afternoon I thought I’d do some baking. Needless to say, not on the list!

There is something therapeutic to me about baking, from choosing of the recipe, to eating the finished product warm from the oven with a hot cup of tea. And baking on a cold and wet afternoon is even better, it’s like the simple act, warms you up from the inside.

So yes, I’ve gone off plan, and left things undone that really had priority. But, you know, I get the feeling after a warm cookie and a hot cup of tea, I may have the energy to tackle the stuff that needs to be done.

2 thoughts on “feeling listless

  1. mmmm. yoyos.. we have just made cupcakes and a choc cake and so far this is week two of our baking weekends and we have been successful on both weeks!!! Hurrah!!! Well done on the blog and hurray for accountability and putting yourself out there. It is very brave. And of course.. yay for cookies and tea.

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