taking time


So, on my list of things to do this week – write a blog post.

However, this is just on my internal list – you know that one in your head, where there are so many random musings that you can’t nail anything down.

This tangle of thoughts often gets to the point for me where it is overwhelming. I get myself anxious and worked up, about what needs to be done, and what I have forgotten to do. I often find myself running from one task to another, and not actually finishing anything.

That got me thinking about the beauty of a list. You write something down and then it is concrete, no longer an elusive thought floating around your head, that may be remembered and acted on, or may disappear into the ether.

Yet, for me it is not just the list itself, but also the writing of it. The act of getting something on paper, creating a structure for the mess of thoughts, that helps clear my mind and frees my soul. The time I take to sit and think about my day, (or week) helps me focus on what is important.

So now I’ve posted, I’d better go write a list (or three).