I have been mulling over some deep questions of life, and also talking to people who are going through some heavy stuff, and I’ve been getting weighed down by it all.

coffee beansThen I found a random scrap of paper on my desk which says “exuberance – being alive now” and so I thought I’d write my inaugural blog list  …

What I am thankful for this morning:

  1. my beautiful family – my loving husband and gorgeous daughter
  2. the great relationship I have with my family, extended family and in-laws
  3. a great ‘family’ of friends
  4. a beautiful smog free city to live in
  5. a glorious crisp cold day
  6. our heater
  7. a sleeping baby
  8. my morning short mac
  9. my mum’s berry jam on hot toast
  10. a phone call with my best friend

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