happy monday

Happy monday

I am a ‘morning person’. I bounce out of bed, happy and excited about what the day will bring, and ready to tackle it head-on.

I get the same feeling about Monday’s and I’m starting to wonder if there is such a thing as a ‘Monday person’ too. I know a lot of people hate Monday’s, but I really enjoy them. I like the fact that it is a new week, a new start, and a new attempt to ‘get stuff done’. I feel like I think clearly on a Monday, and I’m generally optimistic about what the week will bring.

Last week was hijacked.

You know the feeling … I had a bunch of things planned, and all my lists sorted and I was looking forward to the week with an expectation of ‘getting stuff done’. Last week started like that, then rapidly disintegrated into chaos when our hot water system died. It went downhill from there and even Sunday was hijacked, and we had to just work with what we were given.

So particularly after last week I am very happy today is Monday.

How about you, do you think there is such a thing as a Monday person, and if so are you one?

One thought on “happy monday

  1. No… I am not… I am not a morning or a Monday person. Which is why I am only leaving a comment on Wednesday!! x

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