paper girl

The thing about being a list-girl is that at heart I like being organised. I love stores like kikki-k that promise to organise me, but somehow all their different list formats don’t seem to work for me. So now I have piles of lists all over the house.

The thing I have found most useful in organising my life, is my Filofax. Yes, I have an iphone and there are a number of apps like evernote that I use, but at heart I am a paper girl and I’ve a feeling I always will be.

My parents gave me my Filofax the Christmas before I got married. Man, that thing got a work out that year, all my dress fittings, appointments for the florist, etc. I guess I fell in love with it then, it kept me organised and on time. So now, 13 years later, I am still using it, and while I do get tempted by all sorts of other organisational tools, in the end this is the one that keeps me on track.

What about you, are you a paper person at heart, what keeps you organised?

2 thoughts on “paper girl

  1. I try to keep appointments in my Outlook Calendar, copying my husband in. However, if it is not in my trusty handbag diary there is no guarantee that I will be there… I find that if I write it down I commit it to memory. I have found that my friends appreciate it if I turn up generally…

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