time to dream

I love books, any books, our house is full of them and it makes me feel like all is okay with the world if we have books around us.

The other day I went to a great toy store, to get some goodies for my daughter and came away with a picture book, So Few of me . My daughter will definitely get to share this book, but I bought it mostly for me.

It is the story of a little boy Leo, with a long to-do list and how it would be great to have more of him to get everything done. So he creates nine more Leo’s to help him.

I don’t know why, but it resonated with me somehow! Even looking at the list above there is so much I connect with.

In particular this little snippet of conversation between Leo and his nine clones has got me:

“I was dreaming” said Leo softly.
“Dreaming was not on the list!” they roared.

So today, like Leo, my goal is to keep a short list and make sure I have time to dream.