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Yes I cook, I love to cook and I love to eat, but I also love cookbooks too. I don’t tend to read magazines much (unless they are about cooking), but to sit and browse through a cookbook and get inspiration is one of my favourite things, and we’ve already established my fascination with lists …

… so imagine my joy when I found this link to the fifty best recipes ever. I love the premise that the recipe must be something you have made personally, something you love and that it should mean something to you.

However, when I sat down to write my 50 best recipes I got overwhelmed. How to narrow down to just 50 from a lifetime of cooking. Anyway, here is my starting ten:

Chocolate brownies (Kate Lamont)
Black-eyed beans (Madhur Jaffery)
Chilli con carne (Jamie Oliver)
Tortellini “cheese” (Valli Little)
Spaghetti al bianco (Jill Dupleix)
Coconut and lime macadamia cake (Bill Grainger)
Chocolate fondant (Paul Merret)
Passionfruit semifreddo (Donna Hay)
Ginger choc-chip muffins (Australian Women’s Weekly)
Baked witlof in ham (My mum’s recipe)

The great thing to me about a “best ever” list, is that it is constantly in flux and is influenced by the time of writing (can you tell I’m writing this list in winter?). This list is only ever a picture of my best ever as of today. Tomorrow I may find another recipe and one gets bumped, but isn’t that the fun of it!!

PS – What does one do when life gives you onion confit? Why make an onion, olive and goat’s cheese tart of course! (hmmm come to think of it … this needs to go on the list too!)


2 thoughts on “best ever

  1. hmmm, I am pretty sure that I have only tasted one or two of these. I am looking forward to the passionfruit semifreddo though – did you spell that right?

    Passionfruit is my most favourite flavour ever. And bubblegum…

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