sun blur

I found this today, from an author I love  Donald Miller. It is an article about his spiritual mentor and the impact he had on his life.

It made me realise how often the people of enormous impact in our faith, are the ones who don’t even realise it. They just do what feels natural to them; they are our friend, they are honest about their struggles, and most of all they listen a lot and offer advice only when needed.

I can pinpoint times in my life when certain people have had a massive influence on who I am, but these people have faded into the background over time. What I’m talking about here are the people who walk by me daily in my struggle to live life; those who endure my questions, my heartache and tears, my enthusiasm, my anger, my joy, my naivety, my vacillation between belief and doubt.

There are people in life who have a hand in shaping our character, our personality, our career  etc. but those who shape our faith, those people are pure gold.

It made me wonder whether the people who have been instrumental in my faith actually know … so, added to my list, letting those people know.