tortoise or hare

Only halfway there … well that’s me at the moment. We are in the midst of moving house, hence the distinct lack of posts. I feel like I have been stuck ‘halfway’ through pretty much every list I have floating around this place, for at least a month now.

I (naively) thought, that as I am now a ‘stay at home mum’, I would be able to organise everything with less stress than usual. Yep I did say naive didn’t I … so my daughter is unpacking faster than I am packing, and creating mess faster than I am cleaning. She is also moving faster than me generally! She is the hare to my tortoise.

Yet despite the feeling of barely restrained pandemonium, things are happening, progress is being made and (unbelievably) things are getting crossed off lists.

So yes I feel a lot like the tortoise from Aesop’s fable, but what is the moral? “Slow and steady wins the race” – here’s hoping!!!