time to be

beach walkway

I have a ‘thought for the day’ calendar on my desk and lately it has been stuck on the 6th Feb. The quote speaks to me so much that I can’t turn it over …

“We need time to dream, time to remember and time to reach the infinite. Time to be.”
Gladys Taber

  • We have a 16 month old daughter
  • we have moved into a new house and still have boxes to unpack
  • we are renovating said house
  • we have a new baby due in May
  • and still haven’t got the nursery organised

How is that for a list?! And in this context how do I find ‘time to be’?

It’s something I have been wrestling with for at least 6 days now, and I know I’ll be wrestling with it for a lot longer.

But I think part of the solution for me, is to find some time, somehow, to write.

So this is me finding ‘time to be’.

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