the mum list


So, I am now a mother of two girls under 2 years of age. Motherhood gives rise to a whole new set of lists, and here is my current one.

Guilt – that I am not spending enough time with one or the other of my children; that I am not spending enough time working on my parenting; that I am not spending enough time with my husband. (Hey, I could keep going – guilt is a list all on its own!)

Worry – that the girls are sleeping enough; eating enough; getting enough stimulation; getting enough time with their extended family; that the extended family aren’t getting sick of them.

Constant multitasking – there is always so much to do with two little ones, and therefore I end up with three or more things on the go at any one time. I then find that I never really focus on one thing, and I feel guilty (there it is again) if I take time out for myself.

So what about you mum’s out there – what ends up on your mum list?