seasonally adjusted

It is finally spring and the change of the seasons is seeping into my soul. I have felt extremely housebound with my darling daughters (DD) being so young and it has been a very wet winter this year.

I love all the seasons. I find it amazing how, just when you are getting sick of winter, spring appears, and then almost a year later, you just can’t wait for winter. Anyway here in no particular order are some of the things I am celebrating this springtime:

sitting outside while my eldest DD plays in the garden

my flowering kangaroo paws that I was given for my birthday, earlier in the year

the change of season that inspires me again in my cooking – new ingredients, lighter flavours

the scent of the neighbours flowers, wafting over the fence

hanging washing outside to dry

the numerous birds in our garden

not having to wear so many layers of clothing to keep warm

So how about you? What do you love this spring?