list paralysis


While (as you know) I love lists, lately my husband and I have been suffering from list paralysis. You know the feeling, when the lists just seem to keep expanding and nothing gets done. The list itself is so daunting that it seems easier to do nothing.

This weekend, we had my eldest daughters birthday party and somehow, (we are not even sure how), finally we got a bunch of things done. We found ourselves saying things like “it’s only 930 and I can’t believe how much we’ve done”. Why did it happen? These are my thouhgts:

  • we had to do basic tidying and cleaning, and that somehow led to other organisational stuff
  • we didn’t refer to the list and get bogged down
  • we involved our daughter in the things we were doing and celebrated her fun

I also believe that the beautiful spring weather this weekend helped. So here is to getting things done and breaking the list paralysis