thank you

I have been having a hard few weeks. Take it as read that the details would bore you and further depress me.

I have a lot of support from family in getting through the day-to day practicalities and difficulties, but the people who look after my sanity are my girl-friends. So here is a thank you list for them:

to Serena – for faithful and constant prayer
to Faith – for being at the end of the phone in so many ways
to Anne – for understanding exactly what I’m going through – cause you went through it three months before
to Angel (you know who you are!) – for listening to your heart and for your yummy dinner

thank you all – you keep me sane

One thought on “sanity

  1. You are ALWAYS welcome and I will always be here whenever you need me, at any time. As I know that you are and will be there for me. You are are a great and valued friend.

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