when it’s all too hard

Here’s a list for you:

Little Miss 2 has been acting like she is … well 2!
Bubba girl is teething.
Mr is recovering from Pneumonia,
and me – well I just haven’t had enough sleep!

I have been keeping it together for a few weeks now and this weekend it just all flew apart.

I had scheduled to go clothes shopping with my mum on Saturday and I rang her to say basically “it’s all too hard”. She encouraged me to come out anyway, even if I needed to bring bubba girl. So in a flurry of panic and stress (and let’s admit it, a few tears and a few choice words – good thing bubba girl can’t talk yet!). I finally met up with mum.

It was the best thing I could do. I didn’t buy any clothes, but I got to feel like an adult for a few short hours. I got to have a coffee and a brownie (thanks mum), and on a whim, I suggested we go and buy some flowers from Libby Devine who did the flowers for my wedding 13 years ago. It was pure therapy. I know I will look at those flowers all week and they will speak to me.

So, what do you need to do, even though it’s all too hard?