I know we haven’t even had Christmas yet, and I’m skipping ahead in my thoughts. But I love the time after Christmas and before New Year – the kind of limbo time when the old year has ended and the new year has not yet begun.

Mr and I try and use this time to organise and declutter (I love that word – such a polite way to say throw stuff out!!!) Which has been harder in recent years because of our little helpers.

The thing is this year, a lot of my declutter and organisational goals deal with things that to me feel less tangible, and somehow feel more difficult to achieve.


Such as organising my email so I feel less overwhelmed by all the special offers I feel like I should really be taking advantage of. Or organising all my photos from my phone and my camera into some sort of usable form. Even writing this has made me feel panicked and overwhelmed.

I am pretty good at throwing away tangible things – but when they are electronically stored I find it hard to press the delete button.  So I want to know, how do you manage your email and photos, anyone out there got some good tips for me?