We’ve had a stormy morning. Last night I woke at 12, 2 and 5 and then the family were all ready to start the day at 530. Well the girls were anyway … Mr and I were a little less enthusiastic.

So to say that I was not mentally or emotionally prepared for the half hour tantrum from Miss 2 before breakfast is an understatement! This storm spread quickly to the rest of the family, even Bubba Girl was getting grumpy.

We’ve had a stormy morning. It has been hot and humid, the storm has been threatening for a few days, and no relief. Then it broke this morning in spectacular fashion. The thunder, lightening, and blessed rain were intense and prolonged.

I love a thunderstorm and Miss 2 and I sat on the back patio, exclaiming at the noise, the flashes of lightening and the intensity of the rain. It was somewhat cathartic, and now with the cooler breeze and the just rained, damp smell in the air, I know we are going to have a good day.