the little things

This New Year, Mr and I made very basic changes to our lives, rather than resolutions. Little things that make our lives run smoother, like setting the table for breakfast the night before. However we have lots of big projects around the house that need finishing. The first one I wanted to tackle was my walk-in-robe.

Mr questioned this focus, as it is not an area of the house that anyone else sees, and in terms of visitors there are other areas that need more work. Then I explained that my walk-in was the first place I went every morning, and the chaos in there, meant that my day felt messy right from the outset.

So we bought some shoe racks, a cabinet and a bunch of wall hooks, and I feel like everything is much more organised. More importantly, I walk in there in the morning, choose my clothes for the day and start the day in an organised manner. For me it is like a healthy breakfast, I start the day right.

Do you like me have a need for your ‘little rooms’ to be organised?

Next I want to tackle the front hallway, again a very small and not very important room in the house, but one where I seem to spend a lot of time, in and out with the girls … so far all I have managed is some fresh flowers from my garden.