take five

Miss 2 is sitting watching a show called “Five Minutes More”. The value of 5 minutes is something that has been on my mind recently.

I spend all day rushing, and running, and doing the next thing, and often I get to the end of the day exhausted. One evening, after a particularly hard day, Mr insisted I sit on the back patio for 5 minutes with a glass of wine and watch the sunset. I couldn’t believe the difference that just 5 minutes made to me, (or maybe it was the wine!) I wonder if my day would have gone better if I had taken 5 minutes out earlier in the day.

What do you need to set aside just 5 minutes for today? This is me setting aside 5 minutes to write.

My sister has just told me about something she did with her son – a series of 5 minute tidy-ups. They set the timer and blitzed each room for 5 minutes, and they also couldn’t believe the difference 5 minutes made.