In my mind’s eye

I love that it is so easy for me to take a photo or video of my kids. I can pick up my phone and capture those little moments of play, the sweet touches, the funny, the messy and the ridiculous.

Yet there are times when it is better for me to just be in the moment, rather than try and capture it. There are times when circumstances are such that you can’t take a photo. There are times when “stand still, mummy just needs to get a picture of this” ruins everything.” There are times when the memory just needs to be captured in my mind’s eye.

Here are some of those recent moments for me:

  • Bubba Girl at 9 months and my Granma (who in her own words “is closer to 90”) holding hands and chatting
  • the smile on Bubba Girl’s face when she first sees her sister in the morning
  • the girls at bath time chatting and playing
  • Bubba Girl fast asleep on her grandmother at church
  • Miss 2 and Bubba Girl playing their own little version of catch and hide-and-seek in our bedroom in the morning
  • story time with Miss 2 and Mr before bed

So no photo with this post today – just a few memories captured in my mind’s eye.

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