It is autumn … finally!

Autumn in Perth”officially” starts on the first of March, but it didn’t arrive until Friday last week, which I make the 30th! The breeze is noticeably cooler, there has been rain, and naturally my thoughts turn to cooking.

In this season of motherhood I am finding I want to cook recipes from my own childhood for the girls, and let’s be honest, us too. So it is so good to finally have some weather that encourages baking, hearty stews, and somehow, long leisurely family lunches followed by board games. (Note to self – will have to teach Miss 2 and Bubba Girl some board games!).

Thankfully, autumn also coincides with my birthday, and my lovely family and friends have stocked up my cookbook collection. So last night I pulled out Bakes and Gratins by the Australian Women’s Weekly (thank you P) and baked a hearty meat pie. This pie reminds me of one my Nanna used to make, she served it in slabs from a rectangular dish, as did I.

Enjoy … we did!