chance encounters

I had tea with an old friend today. We haven’t seen each other for years and years (close to 10 I think). We used to move in the same circles but life moved on and so did we.

Then the other day we randomly bumped into each other at a cafe. We had one of those catch up conversations – what are you doing now, etc., but something that she said struck a chord in me and I couldn’t shake it. So after a while I contacted her and today we managed to connect.

There is a beauty in when two women really chat, really share heart to heart what is going on in their lives. There is something going on that is more than just a random occurrence and a cup of black tea, there is something more profound, spiritual even.

In the passage of 10 years, we have both been on different paths, living totally different unconnected lives, but over a cup of tea we found out just how connected and similar our lives are … and I don’t think that is really a chance encounter at all.

2 thoughts on “chance encounters

  1. oh, but I want to know more! what did she say that you couldn’t shake off? Oh well, I might never know! Love reading you every time. xxx

  2. Not chance at all. Definitely a God moment and one that blessed me so much. I love your honesty, your courage and your eloquence. And I’m so glad I now get to read you on a regular basis 🙂

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