Clutter (noun) – a disordered heap or mass of objects; a state of disorder
[Collins Concise Dictionary] 

I’m not sure if you have this experience, but I find it interesting how clutter in my house, can block peace in my mind. I have a few places in my house that I call mine. These are my places of peace, my refuge, my sanctuaries if you will. One is my reading chair in the lounge, and the other is the master bedroom.

Our bedroom was a tip, it had become the dumping ground for anything we didn’t want visitors to see, and after a full day with work or the kids we were too shattered to get to it. Mr and I were both feeling the burden of our place of rest and refuge being overtaken both by our girls, and by the rest of our house.

My reading chair, likewise, has been surrounded by books, magazines, and assorted papers for about a month now, and I haven’t felt like sitting there. I sit in my chair to write, read, pray, think and get inspired. It’s not the only place this happens, but it is one of the key places, and I have been aware of how much less I have felt motivated to do these things of late.

So this weekend we reclaimed our places of sanctuary, and I am sitting here writing this in my chair, and it feels good.