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In this blog I usually try to be realistic but positive about my life as a parent. Today though I am really struggling to find the positive:

In my head, I provide nutritious and healthy meals for my children every night of the week. In reality, in the middle of the afternoon I am often fossicking around my fridge and pantry to see just what they can eat tonight.

In my head, I spend my evenings reading parenting books to get more ideas on how to make our family work smoothly. In reality, I look at the desolation that is the playroom, dining room and kitchen, throw up my hands in despair and turn on the telly.

In my head, I pack the girls bags each night so that we are prepared for their activities the next day. In reality, I am running around in the mornings trying to frantically pack bags, get them dressed, feed them breakfast and drink my coffee.

In my head, I am a patient, kind mother that deals with the frustrations of life in an even and level-headed way. In reality, I find myself screaming into my pillow more often than I would like.

Today, although I’m not proud to say it, I would rather live in my head than in reality.

2 thoughts on “in my head

  1. Love it! I have this saying, “I’d be a great parent if it weren’t for my kids!” The reality of parenting is so far from the Huggies/Panadol/Kleenex ads fantasy. And if a golden moment does emerge, I’m amazed how fast my kids will ruin it by being … real kids. Like, “I love you so much Mum” is usually followed closely by a question that they asked five minutes ago (they know this gets my goat and it seems to have become a sport!) or by someone falling and hitting their head or by noticing the child who’s being all huggy has not put that goshdarn toy away like you asked. Lower the bar, I say. Be surprised when things go smoothly. Photograph it, in case it doesn’t happen again.

  2. Jo there are so many days like this, and I end up saying to myself, “At least they’re still alive and healthy!” I also totally agree with everything that Von has said.

    One thing that’s helped me with the food thing is a bit of a menu plan for a week. Some people plan for a fortnight, a month, and even a season, to capitalise on which fresh foods are in season, which also helps to cut costs.

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