I’ve started so I’ll finish

One of my favourite lines from a games show we used to watch in the UK is “I’ve started so I’ll finish”. This said by the host after the buzzer interrupted his question. But me, I have got so many things started and unfinished (yep still only halfway there!). Today the thing that I am thinking about is my reading.

In the very busy early days with the girls, I have found that the easiest things for me to read were blogs or magazines, where the articles don’t demand too much of my time and I can get some intellectual stimulation in very manageable pieces. But I had been missing reading, so I found a few books that have a more manageable format. But I have found that instead of finishing, I now have a pile of books that I am halfway through.

Each of these books was chosen because I felt that they had easy chapters or a format that I could read and then put down, and the interruptions wouldn’t bother me so much, and that has been true. But what is bothering me is not so much the books themselves, but that I haven’t finished them. There is a sense that this pile is steadily growing and mocking me, and my inability to just finish. I used to be a one book at a a time girl, pick up a book read it, finish it, pick up another book, (if only I had known then what an achievement that was!)

So I have no ideas really, just a sense of feeling a little overwhelmed by a pile of books.

PS – If you knew how many times I was interrupted just writing this post! I’m amazed I even got this finished!

4 thoughts on “I’ve started so I’ll finish

  1. I know!!! I’m trying to change the rules of the game: 100 points for reading a book from cover to cover, 99 points for skimming through a book, 99 points for each book sitting on my shelf of which I’ve read at least one chapter and 10 points for each time I even try to read a book. Now do you feel like a winner?!

    Love your selection, by the way. You should have a regular post called, “Books I’m Almost Reading”

  2. Thanks Von

    Love the idea of a regular post, but think I should also cover books I have bought but never read, and books that I really want to buy, but haven’t got around to yet!

  3. I have a ton of books that I haven’t even started. I thought I would play grown-up and buy the current, popular books — and yet they haven’t even been opened. Sad.

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