best things

rose tea

One of our rituals at the end of the day is to ask Miss 2 the best thing about her day. Invariably it usually involves food (child after my own heart), but it is a good way to get her going to bed thinking about good things.

So here in no particular order are my best things of today:
– two hours to myself this afternoon
– rose tea
– that Mr doesn’t have to work tonight
– spring sunshine (even though it’s not spring yet)
– Bubba girl’s infectious laughter
– friends praying for me
– my girls playing in the garden with their cousins
– good coffee

All in all not a bad day, and I will go to bed thinking of good things too.

2 thoughts on “best things

  1. We do “what was your best thing, your most challenging thing, and what do you hope for tomorrow” — but rarely do I answer those questions for myself! Hmm, I see a blog post in the making!

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