We are going through a period of reclaiming space at our house this week. Bubba Girl has moved to her newly painted room at the back of the house, near her sister, and I have claimed the front room next to our bedroom as my study.

The girls love having their bedrooms down the back together and are in and out of each other’s rooms with such speed that I’m never quite sure where they are, and me I love that I have my own space again.

I have spent this morning just pottering, placing books on shelves, sorting papers, and discarding things that are no longer of any use. It has been a therapeutic process, feeling like a new beginning, a start of something I can’t quite describe or even see yet, something intangible. It’s a bit like my glasses are unfogging and the picture is becoming clearer.

It makes me wonder what I need to discard emotionally, and spiritually, and what I need to reclaim. One thing I do know is that it will be a process, like my study, a slow discovery of where things fit and what needs to be discarded, but I am looking forward to the space it will reclaim in my life.