letting go of logistics

We had a busy weekend. We have no social life to speak of and then all of a sudden we had a number of things fall on the same weekend. It was wonderful, and hard.

When I say it was hard, it wasn’t particularly hard for Mr or Miss 2 or Bubba Girl, but it was hard for me. I was so worried about logistics, working around Bubba Girl’s sleep, making sure the girls were adequately feed, reasonably clean, and not overly rude or grumpy.

The girls had a ball, me I had fun, but couldn’t relax as much as I should have. Then on Sunday a friend needed a hand, so I offered to take her little girl for a while. I didn’t even think about it, I willing added one more routine, to the four I was already struggling with. And you know what it was lovely. Probably my best image of this weekend was the girls, running in and out, up and down, playing together. By focusing outside myself, I gained a picture of what my house will one day look like, with happy kids enjoying each others company.

PS – the floral arrangement above was done by Miss 2 poking flowers into our outdoor table and not worrying about logistics one jot!