strength in numbers

We are out of coffee. This morning was the second morning in a row when I went without. I kindly informed Mr Barista that three mornings without coffee was a sackable offence.

flat white

So this morning I struggled to get going somewhat (actually quite a lot), and it wasn’t just the coffee. I arose groggy and already (let’s be honest) somewhat cranky, and by the time breakfast was over, I was also over it all – the kids, the mess in my house, even my own crankiness and inability to rise above it all.

Then a friend texted, “did I want to hang out this morning?” Did I ever! My only requirement was coffee and I was there.


The interesting thing is she has two girls too, and by early morning she was over it all too. We ended up in the same situation, we now had two rather cranky mothers, and four children who we were trying their mothers’ (somewhat tenuous) patience. The kids still outnumbered the adults by 2 to 1. But something about sharing my very average morning with someone else who was experiencing the same, enabled us both not just to survive the day, but even enjoy it.

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