the basics

On a particularly hard day just after Bubba Girl was born I called my mum in tears (as you do) and asked her where I start. She said to me “just focus on the basics: food, clothes, shelter and sleep. The rest is unimportant. That’s all you need to provide for your family”. I have had this on my pinboard ever since and in particularly hard times it reminds me again of what is important.

We are in a very busy season. Mr is currently overseas and before that he was working so crazy he may as well have been. I have been struggling to manage my family, my emotions and my sanity. The other day I rang my mum in tears (can you see a pattern?). After her usual response, “Make a cup of tea, everything feels better after a cup of tea”. She reminded me to go back to the basics.

It’s harder than it sounds, I desperately want my house to be tidy, and to think up amazing activities for my girls each day, I want to be diligent in how I manage their behaviour, and eating and the list goes on and on. But in the end Mum has hit the nail on the head, those things can wait until our family stabilises back to normality. The basics is all I need to do now for our little family to survive this crazy time.

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