jet lag

As a frequent traveller I am familiar with the well-worn phrase “Good morning Sir/Mem this is your wake-up call”. It is always said in a cheerful manner, and somehow, although familiar, the cheerful tones have a way of breaking through my slumber, sinking into my befuddled brain and helping me fight off my jet lag.

For me jet lag is exacerbated by carrying on as if nothing has changed. As if you haven’t shifted time zones at all. The best advice I have heard (and use) to conquer jet lag, is to get into the new time zone as quickly as possible, to eat at the new times, and get out in the sunshine.

Mr and I have had an experience of jet lag lately. We have come to a realisation that things have shifted in our life around us, and we haven’t yet adjusted time zones. We are carrying on as if nothing has changed and we are experiencing some degree of disorientation.

And lately we have had our own wake-up calls, we have had a couple of injuries and difficult situations to work through. We have come to the realisation that we have to make a shift in our thinking. We need to move to a different time zone as it were, make some alterations to how our family runs, shift gears slightly.

When you change time zones things change, and it’s not necessarily a bad thing, so long as you remember to switch your clock too.

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