Life is just tearing past me and I feel like every time I blink I’m two days ahead. We are almost at the end of September. On the weekend I saw Christmas books in the book shops. It’s crazy.

The end of the year is usually the busiest part of the year for us, and I cannot feasibly see how we can handle a faster pace than we are already at. So today I am going to pause and reflect:

eating: with the warmer weather here, I made Jamie Oliver’s berry ice-cream the other day. I can see us eating this all summer.

learning: trying to practice patience with my girls, good thing they are patient with me.

organising: still trying to organise my study, my space to be and create. A very, very slow process.

pondering: the things that have to change to make our life work, and how to implement them.

reading: actually read … I finished a book can you believe it, I can’t.  Eloisa James’ Paris in Love

relating: loving the connection I am getting in the blogosphere – so many great people who inspire and encourage me daily

seeing: GCB – my little indulgence

and finally celebrating: Miss 2 is three at the end of this week and therefore desperately needs a name change – so “Little Miss” it will be from now on.