living in the moment



Just live in the moment, do not worry about tomorrow, just focus on one day at a time.

I love this … in theory.

I want so much to just live in the now, the today, the moment, but tomorrow we are going away for a few days. It necessitates that I worry. I need to wash today so we have clothes for the weekend; I need to plan food, and snacks and activities for the car journey; I need to think about whether we need the high chair, the port-a-cot and an industrial quantity of nappies.

Even for the regular day-to-day of not going on holiday, I find that my life is a smidge smoother if I think ahead the day before, and get clothes and snacks organised.  So what’s the answer? I’m not sure, but it bet it’s not sitting down and writing a blog post!!

2 thoughts on “living in the moment

  1. I figure you may as well go away for a month, as you don’t need much more than for a weekend… If only my husband would take a month off. Enjoy your little break. xx

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