living in straight lines

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As a list-maker, I like things to be linear. You put your to do’s on a list, then cross them off and feel like you are getting somewhere … in an ideal world. The reality is that the to do list is never completely empty, and I am continually adding to the list, as then I feel like I am getting somewhere (very effective procrastination tool, list-making!).

In actual fact this linear view is how I tend to think about each week, month and year. It’s November and already I have this mentality in my head of “I need to do x, y, z then Christmas and just make it to the end of the year”. But that thinking does not accept the reality of a cyclical world. It doesn’t take into account the fact that already I have various things planned up until May next year.

I know if I focus on everything I have to do until May next year I would be a mess right now, but I also think this “just make it to the end of the year” attitude is a trap. Life is not a straight line, it has curves and bends, and weaves back and forth, and maybe I need to adapt to that a bit more.

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  1. I love this… and was sad to reach the end of your post! Can you continue on that?

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