if I’m not mistaken

For Little Miss’ first birthday I made a total mess of the cake, in the shape of a number one. “How do stuff that up?” you may ask, but as proof I give you my sister’s direct quote from the day. “Oh, my gosh Jo, that doesn’t even look like a one”. I decided then and there I was never going to decorate another cake again.

So now my sister and I have an arrangement. I bake the cake and she decorates it. And you know, we both think we have the better part of the deal.

This arrangement was working well until her daughter’s first birthday, when you guessed it, I stuffed up again, and the cake didn’t cook. I was mortified, and distraught that I had ruined another little girl’s first birthday.

On Monday night we had a family gathering and unbeknownst to my sister I cooked a new cake, and decorated it all myself.

Not bad huh, for a second cake decorating attempt? So yes, once more I proved that my innate stubbornness can be an asset, but also that sometimes the mistake is the place to start the impetus to move you on to bigger and better things, rather than the place to sit with your hands held up in despair.

PS: apologies to all my email subscribers who received an unfinished unedited post accidentally. Yes everyone, another mistake – sorry!

2 thoughts on “if I’m not mistaken

  1. I’m glad you pressed on with this. Mistakes are the way to learn, and go forward, not a reason to stop trying. Imagine where we would be if we stopped walking because we tripped? I guess that’s another way our kids teach us. Great post. xxx

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