for the love of words


I love words. I love the craftsmanship of a well-told story, the beauty of a well-formed sentence and the weight of a word standing on its own with its variety of meanings.

I am a linguist, I love to study, examine and break down words. I am a poet, I love playing with words. And I am also a language student, I would love to be able to do both of the above in any language you could throw at me!

I love how words can be fun, how they be serious, how they can cut through, how they can inspire. I believe in the power of words.

So today I am starting a new series called “Word Play” where I am going to share one of my favourite words.

I am just going to present the word, and its definition simply not going into any detail as to why I chose it. That way, you can then take the the word, and just have a play!

Today’s offering was inspired by a little conversation with Miss Em from Teacups Too. This is one of my favourite words and I was so thrilled that she used it.

So without further ado here is the first edition of “Word Play”.

Oodles: a superabundance of anything; a mass of things; a heap; a great quantity.

I love it, isn’t it fabulous. Hope you have oodles of fun with words today!