The unravelling

Is this what it looks like?The unravelling?The threads I thought held me togetherslowly pulled at one by one. With a twist and a tug,busyness,gets stripped away,and underneathduty and guilt, are knotted about me.They too are untangledrevealingshame and perfection. The unravellingis disorienting. As the threads unwind I am spun around, no longer sure which way is … Continue reading The unravelling

Prepare him room in your joy

Joy to the world, the Lord has comeLet earth receive her kingLet every heart prepare him room We sang this hymn this morning at church, these beautiful words that I have been basing my devotions on this advent. And once more I was struck by the fact that we need to prepare room in our … Continue reading Prepare him room in your joy

Prepare him room in your comfort

advent devotional, prepare him room

Perth is experiencing a string of days over 40C. It is hot, and people are uncomfortable. When I say people, I mean me.And when I say uncomfortable, I mean after I have left my air conditioned house and driven in my air conditioned car to my kids school, I have to walk for a minute … Continue reading Prepare him room in your comfort