word play (three words for the price of one)

The processing of my week in Cambodia to work with the wonderful people of Transform, continues. It has evolved, as I have worked through the questions that have been raised by my experience.  But currently I am going through a process of re-evaluating.

I am thinking carefully about the stuff we own, the things we fill our time with, the things we spend our money on, the relationships we cultivate, the things we think are so important in our life.

3 words


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advent traditions

I haven’t posted in this space for a while. At first it was because I was busy and literally couldn’t focus on anything else until the event I was planning was over.

But that has been over for two weeks now and yet I couldn’t post.

See the thing is I have been feeling overwhelmed.

On Monday (yes 1st December) I started my Christmas shopping. For me this is highly unusual. I am usually half done by mid-november.

We put the tree and the decorations up on the weekend. So the house feels Christmasy. But I haven’t got organised yet with my advent calendar.



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I was having a chat with Mr yesterday about a blog I read. For the month of October this blog has been focussing on how to create a sacred morning ritual. I have seen these posts come in, and each day I have thought, “that’s great, I need to sit down and read that, and then I need to plan for that, and then I need to do that”.

And each day another post came in, and suddenly there were 17 posts there for me to read and work through, and I was starting to feel overwhelmed.

And the reality is my morning ritual is more like this:

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just in case

just in case

Last winter our eldest daughter was very sick with croup. We had a number of days where she ate nothing, lay about listlessly watching telly, and coughed all day and night. At the time what got us through was dry crackers, marshmallows, Vicks vapour rub and a number of pre-recorded Play School episodes that I could play as needed. That was a year ago.

Today, I have so many episodes pre-recorded on the box, that the box is full of nothing but Play School. See, I am worried that if she gets that sick again, or my youngest gets sick, I won’t have something to help keep them occupied. So I literally have industrial quantities of pre-recorded shows just in case.

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