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For our second book club, Amanda, Elaine and I tackled Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. The beauty of this bookclub is it is online, so we don’t have to all be in the same place.

While book club is now finished, we would still love you to grab a copy of the book, and follow our pages to get each post.

We kick off with Elaine, and an introduction to Big Magic 

Week One:

Amanda on courage

Jodie on courage

Elaine on enchantment

Week Two:

Amanda on enchantment

Jodie on permission

Elaine on permission

Week Three:

Amanda on persistence

Jodie on persistence

Elaine on trust

Week Four:

Amanda on trust

Jodie on divinity

Elaine on divinity

Week Five:

AmandaJodie and Elaine on what we have learned from Big Magic.

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Join us for the journey,