2018 and my word for the year

2018 my word for the year
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2018 has arrived. In fact January has one week left and we will be heading into the rest of the year. February brings with it the beginning of school, the end of the relaxed chilled out vibes of the holidays, and a return to routine.

So, I guess it is time to share with you my word for the year … connection.

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On 2017 and my year of embrace

2017 my year of embrace
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In 2017 my word for the year was embrace.

And as it has been a long time since my January post, I remind you again of the definition of embrace:

Embrace: to take and clasp in the arms; to clasp as in affection, greeting; to accept willingly or eagerly; to take up a new idea, faith etc., adopt; to comprise or include as an integral part; to encircle or enclose (from Old French a pair of arms)

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Slow your Christmas: generously

Slow your Christmas: Generously
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

‘One day to go’, so says the Christmas countdown that my youngest has been turning over religiously each morning. One day before the noise, and the mayhem, and the laughter, and the arguments, and the tears.

Because Christmas does not magically make us exempt from those things. It is a day just like any other, and we are just as human at Christmas as on any other day.

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Slow your Christmas: hopefully

slow your Christmas: hopefully

“It is a time of hope and good cheer, to last throughout the year”. Or so it seems as the Christmas tunes on constant replay meld themselves together in my head.

But what if you are feeling anything but cheery? What if this year has been pure hard slog from day one and it never let up? What if you have forgotten how to hope?

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Chapter Seven: On breathing, strength and vulnerability

Braving the Wilderness book club Chapter 7

My mum has asthma so I know how important breath is. I know how important it is that her lung passages are open, so she can breathe in and out with ease. I know that the simple act of breathing that I take for granted has been something she has to use medication to support.

Brené Brown talks about the importance of breathing in this last chapter of Braving the Wilderness. Recounting a conversation she had with Dr Joan Halifax.

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