The Quiet Rites of Spring

When the weather warms and the rains ease we are often relieved that the dreary days of winter have passed, and we want to launch into the new season with enthusiasm. We want to declutter all the rooms, and tackle all the projects in the remaining months left to us in the year.

Yet we need to remember that spring is a season of transition. It is a season for some more gentle rites, that are essential both in nature and in our lives for growth to occur. These quiet rites of spring are breaking the ground, sowing the seeds, watering well and tending to the plant.

Join me as I reflect on this quieter approach to this season.

Grace for the Journey: an Easter Devotional

In 2018 I wrote an Easter devotional for my newsletter subscribers. For 2019 I would like to share it here for you.

In writing this series of Easter reflections, I wasn’t really sure where to start. So I decided to read the story again in each of the gospels. But I got stuck in Matthew.

Four little phrases jumped out at me in that account, phrases I just couldn’t shake. So, for each day of the Easter break I have reflected on one of those phrases.

Join with me as we discover grace for our journey in these seemingly small and often overlooked words in this story. A story that at times can be so familiar that we lose the significance of it.

On Good Friday we look at Grace for the Forsaken, on Easter Saturday we look at Grace for the entombed, Easter Sunday focuses on Grace for the fearful and we finish on Easter Monday with Grace for the doubter.

May these phrases speak to you as they have to me, and may they give you grace for your journey,


Present with us: A Winter Devotional

Winter can be a time of withdrawal, a time of isolation, a time of hibernation.

We often experience winter as a time that we just want to be over, to get out of. We are looking forward to the sun and so we neglect to see the beauty in the rain.

Present with us - winter devotional series

Of course, as we have seasons in nature so we have seasons in life.

I have found that these spiritual winters are often when God feels most distant. It is in this season that I tend to view him as a passive God watching from far away.

So, I have written this devotional series using the Psalms as a reminder of how he is present with us in those winter seasons, even when we can feel that he is so very far away.

Present with us – A Winter Devotional
Present with us – The Emotional Father
Present with us – The Protective Father
Present with us – The Healing Father
Present with us – The Guiding Father
Present with us – The Ever Present Father

Advent Devotionals

For a few years now I have had a weekly devotional series over the four weeks of advent.  It has served as a way to intentionally focus during this time of the year that can be extremely busy.

In 2018 I focused on the fact that the word advent means waiting, and so the series is called In the waiting. The introductory post is here, and the first post looks at slowing down in the waiting. The second post focuses on holding on to hope in the waiting. The third post looks at where your strength comes in the waiting, and the last post focuses on the faithfulness of the one who holds us in the waiting.

In 2017, I endeavoured to slow my Christmas, deliberately, reflectively, hopefully, and generously.

In 2016, I embarked on a journey in quiet, with reflections on a quiet mind, a quiet body, a quiet heart and a quiet spirit.

I hope you find these devotions helpful as you focus on the joy and peace that is an integral part of Christmas.

Advent devotions - to focus on the peace this season brings