For a few years now I have had a weekly devotional series over the four weeks of advent.  It has served as a way to intentionally focus during this time of the year that can be extremely busy.

In the waiting

In 2018 I focused on the fact that the word advent means waiting, and so the series is called In the waiting. The links for each week are below.

Introduction: in the waiting
Week One: slowing down in the waiting
Week Two: holding on to hope in the waiting
Week Three: strength comes in the waiting
Week Four: the one who holds us in the waiting

In the waiting - advent devotional

Slow My Christmas

In 2017, I endeavoured to slow my Christmas and my reflections centred around that intentional push back against the busyness of this time.

Week One: deliberately 
Week Two: reflectively 
Week Three: hopefully
Week Four: generously

Journey in Quiet

In 2016, I embarked on a journey in quiet and reflected on how quieting your mind, body, heart and spirit is essential as you enter into this time of the year.

Introduction:  a journey in quiet
Week One: a quiet mind
Week Two: a quiet body
Week Three: a quiet heart 
Week Four: a quiet spirit

Advent devotions - to focus on the peace this season brings