For a few years now I have had a weekly devotional series over the four weeks of advent.  It has served as a way to intentionally focus during this time of the year that can be extremely busy.

Prepare him room

For this year, I am focusing a little phrase from the Christmas carol ‘Joy to the World’.

What does “let every heart prepare him room” mean? When a guest comes to stay, we prepare a room for them. Maybe there is work to do as well in preparing room for Christ at Christmas? Maybe we need to clear out some things to create space for him, like clearing out the spare room for the arrival of a guest.

This advent join with me as I investigate this phrase prepare him room …

Week One: Prepare him room in your plans
Week Two: Prepare him room in your attention
Week Three: Prepare him room in your comfort
Week Four: Prepare him room in your joy

advent devotional series, prepare him room

In the waiting

In 2018 I focused on the fact that the word advent means waiting, and so the series is called In the waiting. The links for each week are below.

Introduction: in the waiting
Week One: slowing down in the waiting
Week Two: holding on to hope in the waiting
Week Three: strength comes in the waiting
Week Four: the one who holds us in the waiting

In the waiting - advent devotional

Slow My Christmas

In 2017, I endeavoured to slow my Christmas and my reflections centred around that intentional push back against the busyness of this time.

Week One: deliberately 
Week Two: reflectively 
Week Three: hopefully
Week Four: generously

Journey in Quiet

In 2016, I embarked on a journey in quiet and reflected on how quieting your mind, body, heart and spirit is essential as you enter into this time of the year.

Introduction:  a journey in quiet
Week One: a quiet mind
Week Two: a quiet body
Week Three: a quiet heart 
Week Four: a quiet spirit

Advent devotions - to focus on the peace this season brings