Writing and Speaking

Jodie’s Writing

Jodie has published a collection of poems, blank pages that chronicle her journey with infertility and miscarriage.

The poems speak of grief, pain, anger and disbelief, as well as hope and the promise of healing.

blank pages is currently in reprint and you can send me an expression of interest here

Her new work on grief and lament is in editing, and Jodie is embarking on a new and exciting journey to see that book come to life,

Her Poem ‘Standing Sentinel’ was recently selected as a finalist for the In my View award.

Other Publications

In addition to her own publications and website, Jodie contributes to a number of other publications and sites.

She is a regular writer for Kin Women, contributing monthly since August 2013. Her Prayer for the Hurting Mumma featured in the inaugural Kinwomen e-magazine released in May 2017. You can find her Kin Women posts here.

Jodie McCarthy, Elaine Fraser, and Amanda Viviers have held an online book club Mondays with us across their three blogs for the past three years.

Jodie writes for 98.5 Sonshine FM  and has also contributed to the following sites as a guest writer:


Jodie is also a sought after speaker who speaks regularly to small groups and large gatherings.

Jodie’s speaking is personal and impactful, and the feedback she receives is of gratitude for her honesty and for her understanding of the trials that many face and few speak of.

If you would like Jodie to speak at your next event please contact her.

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