A Quiet Easter

At the beginning of Lent in 2020 I felt called to quiet the noise of the world in order to hear more clearly the voice of God. So at the end of February I started a practice of 15 minutes a day in silence.

This then sparked the idea for my Easter devotional which I called a quiet Easter. On a writer’s retreat at the beginning of March I wrote these scripts not knowing what the world would look like as we approached Easter 2020.

The world changed in so many way with a shift to working and schooling from home. Normally I would love quiet, cozy days at home with my family.

But because of Covid-19 the voice of the world invaded my sanctuary even more, with new government announcements and constant updates from overseas.

Furthermore the necessary shift to online communication, though useful, can be overwhelming as we find ourselves constantly connecting with others but with no time to connect with ourselves, or our Father.

So for this season, I focused on Jesus who in the days leading up to his death, was incredibly quiet in the face of the all the noise of the world.

I have written these posts as podcasts that you can listen to and allow the words to wash over you, or as scripts you can read and ponder.

Intro: A Quiet Easter
Holy Thursday: A Quiet Certainty
Good Friday: A Quiet Surrender
Easter Saturday: A Quiet Contemplation
Easter Sunday: A Quiet Forgiveness
Easter Monday: A Quiet Peace

May you know the still small voice of your Prince of Peace, present with you today.


Grace for the Journey

In 2018 I wrote an Easter devotional for my newsletter subscribers and in 2019 I shared it on my blog.

In writing this series of Easter reflections, I wasn’t really sure where to start. So I decided to read the story again in each of the gospels. But I got stuck in Matthew.

Four little phrases jumped out at me in that account, phrases I just couldn’t shake. So, for each day of the Easter break I have reflected on one of those phrases.

Join with me as we discover grace for our journey in these seemingly small and often overlooked words in this story. A story that at times can be so familiar that we lose the significance of it.

On Good Friday we look at Grace for the Forsaken.
On Easter Saturday we look at Grace for the entombed.
Easter Sunday focuses on Grace for the fearful.
And we finish on Easter Monday with Grace for the doubter.

May these phrases speak to you as they have to me, and may they give you grace for your journey,