A Quiet Contemplation

For my Easter devotional this year, you can either listen to the podcast or read the script. Join with me as examine how Jesus was quiet through these final days of his life.



Easter Saturday is a day that is not often acknowledged in our modern Easter Calendar. Yet this day too holds a purpose. For this is the day between the pain of Good Friday and the hope of Easter Sunday. This is the day of waiting. This is the day of not yet.

Maybe you know this place. You have seen it in a hope not yet fulfilled. Or you are intimately acquainted with fragility of your body. Maybe you are walking through a season of broken relationships. Or the grief that comes with the passing of a loved one.

In a way we are all in this place collectively this Easter, gathered in our homes waiting for the end date of this virus that has swept the world. But we don’t know when that will be. We are in the waiting.

We are in Easter Saturday. A day of living in the pain and sorrow of the not yet. So for all of us today, I have written you a poem:

On this day of in-between
this day of waiting
when the sky is still dark
and the dawn has yet to show its face

How do I sit here?
Holding pain in my hands
as grief rolls down my face
and crumples my body in anguish

How do I hope for light?
When the blackness has weight
and solidity to it

“It is finished”
he said.
And so it was,
and so too am I.

I am at the end

Is it possible that in this place too
he would dare to come?
Is it possible that even here
he holds my hand in the darkness?

Is it possible that on this day of waiting
on this day of in-between
I can believe?

Thank you for listening to this Easter Saturday Devotional, I will be back tomorrow, until then may the peace that surpasses all understanding guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus.

2 thoughts on “A Quiet Contemplation

  1. Beautiful, Jodie. The poem was so moving. The possibility of hope is so present in your words.

    ‘Is it possible that in this place too
    he would dare to come?
    Is it possible that even here
    he holds my hand in the darkness?’

    A very peaceful interlude in my day and at this special time of Easter. xxx

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