Jodie’s journey

Welcome, it’s so lovely for you to join me, thank you for coming to this space and I hope you are encouraged by what you find here.

I don’t know where you are on your journey. Mine has had a number of different paths, and each twist and turn has revealed a new horizon.

One of my paths follows words. My love of words took me to study Arts at University, with a focus on language. It took me to an English teaching position and then a job dealing with the intricacies of language in immigration law. It now leads me to accepting my own creativity in my writing.

Another path is that of clarifying and simplifying. I find that as I clearly define my goals in life, the unnecessary stuff just has to go. Be this in my house or my extra activities, I have a real sense of needing to clear the clutter and be left with the most important stuff.

I am also on a journey of learning to rest. After a busy life as a young professional woman I am very slowly learning about the need to pause, to be present and to breathe.


I have had a journey of lament with infertility and miscarriage, and yet this year I am just embarking on the journey of being the mother of two school aged children. Coupled with this is a journey in gratitude, choosing to celebrate even the small everyday things in life.

Another journey is in my capacity. After life as a feminist Arts student I somehow lost belief in my own capacity in my thirties. I am finding that again and growing in my understanding of how big my brave is, but also my limits!

Finally like any woman, I have an ongoing journey in my identity, who I am, who I want to be, and importantly who I don’t want to be. Working through stuff from my journey that has made me who I am today, deciding what I want to keep, and what now needs to go.

And let’s be clear all these journeys are still ongoing. And they aren’t undertaken alone. I have a community surrounding me who influence me in so many ways on this journey called life.

I haven’t arrived and I hope when you read these words here you don’t feel that I am speaking from a place of arrival. I am just at a place on the journey. You may be ahead of me or behind me, or on a different path altogether, but whatever the case I pray that these words encourage you in your journey.