Present with us – The protective father

Winter devotional: Present with us - The protective father

One of the joys of my life as a young mum was watching my babies as they slept. The days were filled with feeding, and playing, and consoling, and, of course, trying to get them to sleep. And yes I did enjoy my days with my babies.

But I cherished the times when finally, they closed their tired eyes and rested. And I would often watch the peaceful rise and fall of their chest and listen to the little sounds they made as they slept.

My girls are now in primary school, but I will still peek in on occasion, just to watch over them as they sleep.

In times of deep despair, we can feel that God is far away, that he doesn’t know or understand our pain. But He is more like a loving protective parent who watches over us.

Psalm 121 is a cry from the heart of David. He is looking for help in the midst of his trouble and as we all do in the midst of trials he cries out “Where does my help come from?”

The picture which emerges in the rest of the psalm is astounding. We have a loving father who watches over us.

He watches without ceasing, without resting. He watches night and day. He watches our coming and our going. He casts his protection over us.

The passion translation puts it beautifully:

“You will be guarded by God himself.

You will be safe when you leave your home

and safely you will return.

He will protect you now,

and he’ll protect you forevermore!”

Psalm 121:8

Often my girls are unaware of my mother’s heart. They are unaware of how much I am watching over them, whispering prayers and hopes.

I believe we are the same. In times of hardship we are often so caught up in the desperation of our situation that we are unaware that our loving father is watching over us.

And he is waiting for us to realise like David does the answer to the cry of his heart:

I lift up my eyes to the mountains – where does my help come from?

My help comes from the Lordthe Maker of heaven and earth.

Psalm 121:1-2

Today in the midst of your winter may you remember to look to the one who made the mountains.

May you remember that he tirelessly watches over you,

May you let him guard and guide you

And give you his peace


psalm 121:8, winter devotional, the protective father