Finding the positive … a challenge

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Challenge – We use the word as euphemisms for negative experiences in modern language.

When a child’s behaviour has been atrocious we say “he/she has been something of a challenge”. After a disaster or tragedy we often hear the phrase “these are challenging times”. The phrase “it’s been a challenging week” is rarely a comment about an exciting, invigorating week, but rather uttered in a spirit of exhaustion and despair at all that life has thrown at us.

But the dictionary definition seems to indicate that the word is neutral in and of itself and can be used to denote both a positive or negative experience.

a demanding or stimulating situation – Collins Concise Dictionary

So for me that demands a whole new mindset, a perspective that says “yes, this is a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be negative”. So my challenge today is to actively look for the positive in each new thing that gets thrown at me.